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Gabby the Giraffe

Gabby the Giraffe

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This cozy hand knit giraffe is a perfect stuffed animal for a little one, works well for decor, and make a great gift for Christmas, baby showers, etc. Gabby the Giraffe is made with 100% polyester yarn and her head is stuffed with Poly-fil.

Care Instructions: Spot clean only (washing machine not recommended). Put water and a small amount of laundry detergent in a bowl. Use a cloth or microfiber and gently scrub the yarn. Let it air dry (dryer not recommended). Lint roller works well to remove any dust & lint in between washings.

Safety Instructions: Never leave a baby or young child unattended/unsupervised when any of the products are in use or within reach.

keep in mind these are handmade so they all turn out a LITTLE different- ie: the spots may be in different spots on yours!

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