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DIY KNIT KIT- Ollie the Octopus

DIY KNIT KIT- Ollie the Octopus

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Learn how to finger knit Ollie the octopus with this DIY kit! Not only will you end up with an adorable new chunky knit friend, but you will also learn a new skill!

Skill level: BEGINNER- you don’t need any experience

who is it for? Anyone who loves learning new skills, DIYs, knitting or crocheting, getting crafty, etc. You will learn how to finger knit Ollie the Octopus by watching and following along on a step-by-step video or by reading the step by step written pattern. You can take your time going through the 11 minute video by pausing, rewinding, replaying, or slowing down the video as many times as you need until you get each step down! If you get stuck, you can always send us your question with the contact info that is provided in the kit!

what does the kit come with? The perfect amount of yarn, fluff, eyes, smile, EVERYTHING you need to make an octopus- all you need is a pair of scissors. Will also come with a Ollie the Octopus sticker & QR codes to the written tutorial + video tutorial


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